Syosset Physical Therapy and Athletic Training Performance

Our Mission


Our sports performance  philosophy at Syosset Physical Therapy and Athletic Training is simple….”Train Clever and Perform Better.” We employ the latest state of the art technology and method to strength and conditioning. 

A Doctor of Physical Therapy with a specialty in strength and conditioning will evaluate and develop a personalized training protocol to meet your needs. Each individualized protocol is based on the most current medical evidence to help you reach your goals and bring you to the next level. 

Our sports performance staff has experience training all populations and athletes at all levels ranging from youth to the professional athletes. One of our certified strength and conditioning specialists will base your personalized training program on a comprehensive biomechanical evaluation. This will  identify your specific weaknesses and limitations allowing our sports medicine team to optimize your performance.  

Contact us today to schedule a tour of our state of the art facility and speak to one of our sport specialists today. 

The Syosset Physical Therapy and Sports Performance is like no other physical therapy clinic on Long Island. It’s ability to provide comprehensive sports medicine care makes it easy and convenient to meet your goals. 

Specific Programs Offered


  • Adult Fitness/Wellness Program
  • Injury Prevention Clinic 
  • Team/group Training
  • Performance Training 
  • Speed and Agility Programs 

Facility Features


  • Climate controlled turf Area
  • Running and gait analysis track
  • State of the art weight room 
  • Olympic Lifting Platform 
  • Cardio and endurance  Equipment