Orthopedic injuries

Knee / Hip

While there are a plethora of complications that the knee and hip can face from a variety of causes, there is always help out there when it comes to healing. Syosset Physical Therapy helps treat a range of physical therapy conditions including knee and hip injuries through the use of intuitive exercises and state-of-the-art medical technologies. Including slow motion cinematography to assess gait and running mechanics, lower extremity alignment, and functional movement patterns 

Neck / Back

Depending on the diagnosis of the patient’s spine, there are a variety of techniques Syosset PT uses to help patients relieve their symptoms. For muscle-related back pain such as aches, soreness, strains, or spasms, physical therapists can offer myofascial release techniques, modalities, corrective exercise, and suspension training or spinal manipulation. These, of many treatment options can help relieve many different types of back and associated nerve pain.  

Foot / Ankle

The foot and ankle provide the rest of the body with the ability to adapt to ground reaction forces while also giving the strength to support the body for propulsion while walking and running, etc. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy will perform a movement analysis to assess any abnormalities in your gait and misalignment of the foot and ankle that could be contributing to injuries at other parts of your body. 

Shoulder / Elbow

The shoulder is one of the most integral body parts, and also one of the most complicated. The shoulder is made up of a complex ball-and-socket joint, several supporting ligaments, and many muscular attachments that assist with movement. A damaged shoulder could make everyday activities difficult and can affect your ability to perform at your job.